How to explain Hubzilla to a newbie in 5 minutes ?

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How to explain Hubzilla to a newbie in 5 minutes ? How would you do this?
I would like to ask you for your vision and try.

Here is my view and attempt with also some proposals:

Newbies have often a hard time to understand the concept of HZ. I thinks that is also because there is not a clear narrative for what HZ actually stands fore. Most people come here to find a regular Social Media Bloging tool but as we all know HZ is much more than that.

On you find the description:
Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

Well, just very few newbies will get a meaning out of that.

So first of all: How to name the baby, so that most get a better understanding of what to expect to find?
Is Hubzilla more a "CMS for decentralized social Networking" ?

Do you have any better ideas?

Besides an understanding of all the different tools HZ provides to create content, it is existential to understand how you can publish this content. Finally HZ is all about the options to publish NOT just public in order to achieve levels of privacy.

In the documentation you can read that you do that with Permissions

but this text can also be confusing for Newbies

Privacy - Permissions - Roles - Limits are general terms which can be easily used and interpret in different ways ...

If you dealing with HZ content publishing it is actually all about Access Control to achieve this levels of privacy,. Isn´t it?

In HZ you have two basic tools which design in combination this Access Control:

1 You publish your content public or only for certain individuals, forums, predefined groups or for a customized selection of contacts (by custom select).


2 You differentially assign basic abilities to the Public and your contacts as to what they are allowed to do with the content you assigned to them.

The first one depends of the default publishing options (ony me, public, forum, custom select, and the default group for contacts = "Friends" ) and the app "Privacy groups"

The second one depends on the "Channel role" and "Contact role"

For an easy understanding it would be helpful to use terms which corespondent to this two functions in an intuitive way. Privacy - Permissions - Limits - Roles, are terms which can be confusing because they are not specific enough.

Why not call them:

1. Access Group/List
2. capability/qualification/skill level

"Access List" is already in use by ZAP. I know there was a poll lately about how "Privacy groups" should be called in HZ but we may should think about this again by looking on the whole picture. You are actually assign here Access to your content for a list/group of recipients in order to achieve a level of Privacy.
But right now when you try to post the mousover by the small lock shows "Prermisson settings" and also in ZAP it says in the pop up window "Prermissons" - Much more precise would be here also "Acces List" or "Acces Group" setting.

Something like "capability/qualification/skill leve" would be a new term for the ZOTiverse but if we would use a term like that it would make very clear that this permissions are always attached to persons or rols. So with "Channel role" you defined actually the default skill levels for

Only those you specifically allow
Approved connections
Any connections
Anybody on this website
Anybody in this network
Anybody authenticated
Anybody on the internet

And with "Contact role" you can even more defined this skills for your Contacts.

This all would give us a better understandable narrative.
Just my thought and ideas...
What do you think?
I have a cron job which attempts to update daily. I know when an update has actually happened when I see the alert that I have a new version. I've only had to roll back temporarily once in many years.
hosh hubzilla (AP)
This is a really nice thread, though I don't currently know anybody to whom I would currently need to explain hubzilla.

Hubzilla gives me an all-round solution that it would otherwise be difficult to put together. Without too much fuss and almost no money, I was able to install it on an old laptop, simply by following the standard installation instructions provided by Hubzilla.

I have slowly managed to exploit some of its hidden potential and now use it for macro-blogging, wikis, photo galleries, file storage, etc. I run a static blog under Hubzilla's file storage.

So far, to my great surprise, nothing has gone wrong. Though Hubzilla has a very helpful community, I haven't often needed to ask for advice. I'm not an IT professional and just had my 66th birthday.

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from Mastodon with(out) love

Hi all,

I have a lot of Mastodon connections. When I see a post which I want to comment, it doesn’t show up on the Mastodon side. If I use the @[url=]nazidisliker69[/url] and comment, the response is visible. Is that something known? Or do I have to do some settings?
Chris hubzilla (AP)
@Max Kostikov So where can i find this setting for the option to auto-mention?

Confusion in hyperlinks

Click on the forum title hyperlink, latest post is not visible.
Click on the post hyperlink, latest post is visible in the account channel, with e-mail envelope icon.

Totally confused behaviour.




citc hubzilla (AP)
Dialogue window to upload files (in this case images of web browser observations) does not ask about permissions.

RSS feed as channel posts

Hi, I have a channel und I would like to have an RSS feed pulled into that channel as channel posts. I know that I can get RSS feeds into my network posts by simple add a RSS URL as a connection, but they will not appear as channel posts. They will only be visible in my network activities.
Any tipps on how I can accomplish what I want to do?
Stefan Haydn hubzilla (AP)
Hmmm...something isn't working. I don't get the feeds into my timeline. This is what I have done:
- created a Hubzilla channel for RSS feeds
- filled that one with a couple of RSS feeds
- connected the feeds channel to this channel
- made the feeds channel on this channel as source
oRx-Qx pirateradio hubzilla (AP)
It cannot work. You have to make RSS connections as channel sorces on your receiver channel. If you dont, that channel has RSS items in its stream but does not post them, so if you connect such channel you receive nothing and making it a source does also nothing
Stefan Haydn hubzilla (AP)
Ok, so that is right then?

- enable RSS feeds in Administration
- connect to RSS feeds in connections (as I connect to other users)
- Open sources app and connect RSS feeds from above with it
- I am able to comment on RSS feeds now
Stefan Haydn hubzilla (AP)
Yes, that was the right thing to do. Finally I managed to get it working. Let's see if every feed is working now. Thanks @oRx-Qx pirateradio for your patience.

How to use website css / themes (foundation 6)

I an not sure how to adapt the appearance of a website. I did see the theme tag for Comanche, but entering in the (otherwise working) layout the tag
(for a test) did not change appearance of a website using that layout, at all. The hosting channel has AllowCode=On granted in admin.
Witcraft 🇺🇦 hubzilla (AP)
Thank you - I will try it :thumbsup:
Witcraft 🇺🇦 hubzilla (AP)
@Mario Vavti Finally had time to check: Help does not explain a "minimal" template. But whatever of the five templates (or "minimal") I use above the header:
...does not change colors in any of them.

Any idea what I would be using wrong? Here is the layout code:

[template]minimal[/template]<br />[theme]redbasic:dark[/theme]<br /><br />[comment]Adding a HTML HEAD region to the Default template and select Foundation by Zurb for CSS and JS.[/comment]<br />[region=htmlhead]<br /> [JS]jquery[/JS]<br /> [CSS]foundation[/CSS]<br /> [JS]foundation[/JS][/region]<br /><br />[region=content]<br /> [block]some_block[/block]<br /> $content[/region]

Putting the theme tag into the header does not change things either.

Permissions of connections no description

Please can someone explain how permissions can be changed?

Permission Their My
Can view my channel stream and posts

Unable change a permission for a connection
kris hubzilla (AP)
Maybe ICANN started to cut DNS ..

No it was just a bad joke

Ignore comments to posts from selected contacts (roles)

Is there a way to block or at least ignore (no notifications). for selected contacts (or,,as it is now, contact roles)?

I subscribed to some mastodon channels that are feeds of my government. However, people fell invited to broadcast their personal opinion by commenting, and what I actually wanted was information. So before I cut off the connection completely, I wanted to see if there is a more selective option that let's me stay connected.
Mario Vavti hubzilla (AP)
There is a number of possibilities:

1. You can switch to blog mode which will just show you the toplevel post and the number of comments and likes.
2. You can setup the n-s-f-w filter to collapse posts/comments with specific content in general.
3. You can enable the per connection content filter to dismiss posts/comments with specific content from those connections.
4. For your own posts you can setup a contact role which does not allow comments and assign this role to the connections in question.
5. You can ignore or block specific connections.
6. You can use superblock.

Not sure if i missed something...
citc hubzilla (AP)
Permissions are inconsistent: (same content posted, yet not visible)

Option '3' is earlier thread post has been used and found to be effective.

Good to know the alternatives! :)
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