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A book read in 2022

A book read in 2022

@!Bloom Book Club

I am curious,

1. What book have you read in 2022?
2. Would you recommend it?
3. If yes, what is your pitch?

If you have read more than one, perhaps use a separate comment for each book.

@Harald Eilertsen
With having the goal to "harmonize" sound,

  • What are the tone qualities of metal, clay, silk, gourd, stone, skin, wood and bamboo respectively?
  • What needs to be done when a heavy instrument such as bells and light instruments such as the lute and zither are played together?
  • What kind of sound does a "thin" part of an instrument produce? What a "thick" part?
  • What's the effect on sound of an instrument having an "open mouth"? What one having a "closed mouth"?
  • What's the effect on pitch of a rapid vibration? What of a slow vibration?
  • Is sound traveling eternally or not? What's the characteristics which determine how far a sound can travel?
  • Put a zither in one room. Put another one which has one string tuned at the same pitch as a string of the first zither into another (neighboring) room. Hit the strings of the first zither individually. What happens? Why is that happening?
  • When are strings of different pitch "responding" to each other, when are they not responding?
  • What is the relation of the length of the vibrating part of a string and the pitch it generates?
  • Is it the same with pipes (open on both sides)?
  • What kind of instrument is used best to determine a set of harmonizing pitches?
  • What kind of instrument to conserve these sets of pitches over time and to bring them to other locations?
  • What's an easy method to generate a pentatonic and a heptatonic set of harmonizing pitches having only two types of intervals, thus allowing near unlimited mode shifts?[sup]*[/sup]

Consider the importance of practicability (it was a time without the convinient tools of today).

[sup]*[/sup] vs. three types of intervals in the pythagorean method
Harald Eilertsen hubzilla (AP)
@emanuel @ la bonne heure That would indeed be cool experiments. Goes to the bone of it. Thanks for the elaborate examples.

Bug: Wrong like credits

Bug: Wrong like credits

As of at least Hubzilla 7.4 and 7.6, like notifications come with incorrect credits.

The user who gave the like is credited correctly. But the user who gave the like is also credited as the creator of the liked post.

In other words, no matter whose post I like, the notification always reads, "Jupiter Rowland liked Jupiter Rowland's post," when it should read, "Jupiter Rowland liked <whoever actually made the post>'s post."
Mario Vavti hubzilla (AP)
Should be #fixed in the dev branch

Jeff Hamilton Trio | Live At Jazz Port Townsend

Jeff Hamilton Trio | Live At Jazz Port Townsend

The Jeff Hamilton Trio played a rollicking, spirited and swinging concert at Centrum's Jazz Port Townsend on the last weekend of July. Playing for a near-capacity audience in the 1200 seat McCurdy Pavilion at Fort Worden, the trio had listeners bouncing in their seats for most of the concert, culminating in a standing ovation for an encore. The complete Jazz Port Townsend concert by The Jeff Hamilton Trio will air exclusively on Jazz Northwest on Sunday, August 19 at 2 PM Pacific on KNKX and simultaneously stream at

Led by drummer Jeff Hamilton, a veteran performer and educator since 1980 at Jazz Port Townsend, the trio includes Tamir Hendelman on piano and Jon Hamar on bass. In addition to his own trio, Jeff Hamilton has toured and recorded with Ray Brown, Gene Harris, the L.A.Four and many others, and co-leads the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. He has appeared on nearly 200 recordings.

The Festival:
Spend a week living and learning with some of the finest musicians in the jazz world. Led by Artistic Director John Clayton, Jazz Port Townsend is the summer jazz camp designed to take you to the next level of musicianship. There’s a lot to learn at Jazz Port Townsend in 2018 and we are excited to introduce you to several faculty who are new this year. Whether it’s your first time here or your 33rd, you’ll find lots of fresh input on how to improve throughout the year.

The workshop is open to participants high school-aged and above, so whether you’re a journeyman performer, aspiring professional, or an enthusiastic beginner, you’ll find colleagues who are the perfect fit for you to make music with. If you are an educator, please visit our Educator Track section to learn how you can be a part of the week.

Artistic Director John Clayton has hand-picked faculty who are outstanding both as performers and teachers. They’ll inspire you with their playing and then work with you directly to develop your own skills.

You’ll receive focused instruction as you rehearse daily in combos or vocal classes. Jazz Theory sessions provide valuable information for increasing your skills as an improviser. Master classes are conducted each day by faculty members who cover topics specific to their chosen instruments. “Faculty Presents” concerts each afternoon give you a chance to hear performances in an intimate setting. The workshop culminates in a series of “Students Present” concerts in which all participants have an opportunity to perform.

Bennissimo 0:00
Poinciana 5:09
In Walked Bud 10:59
Gary, Indiana 17:17
I Have Dreamed 21:30
Sybille's Day 27:38
Hosier Friend 32:20
Blues for Stephanie 38:45

Jon Hamar bass
Tamir Hendelman piano
Jeff Hamilton drums

Jim Wilke

Parker Miles Blohm

Jim Levitt

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Visit to hear more jazz, blues and NPR News!

Learn more about Centrum at .
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cheaply print processors onto materials like plastic and paper

Known for its core design IP that ends up in everything from IoT to smartphones to servers, Arm is now presenting that it has enabled one of its key microcontrollers in a new form factor: rather than using silicon as a base, the company has enabled a processor core in plastic. The technology has been in the works for almost a decade, but Arm has...

If I understood the recent news articles right, the PlasticARM was of limited success due to low yield. The more recent work of PragmatIC <> seems to fix that by lowering processor complexity -- but in the end, the complexity bound will need to be pushed.

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oRx-Qx pirateradio

IC Information, Speicfication, Pin Configration & Marketing Researchers from The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), in collaboration with PragmatIC Semiconductor, a flexible electronics manufacturer, have claimed the first commercially viable flexible plastic microprocessors. For less than a...

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