Broken, forbidden, and inaccessible project links.

Broken, forbidden, and inaccessible project links.


I'm cross posting this here because first, it's the official Hubzilla support forum, and secondly, I'm not sure how many of the actual devs here actually check out monitor the discussions in the Hubzilla support Matrix room at:

Below is my original post, followed by a response from one of the other mods in the Matrix room...


After recommending a couple of folks to take Hubzilla for a drive, I've received some reports back of blank pages and 404's. Namely:

#^ - blank page

#^ - 404

And the git repo is requiring new accounts to wait, according to their warning, up to five days, before one can browse plugins, for example.

I have a framagit account, but upon checking while not logged in I received a warning informing me of such:

The first two links are prominently placed on the home page, links that first time visitors are likely to try and visit.

Perhaps if someone can look into these?


tallship I think the problem with Framagit is that they are over capacity, and have closed registrations for a while. But agree, it's bad for Hubzilla that it makes it difficult for new people to report bugs.
Witcraft hubzilla (AP)
@tallship The Framagit vs. Codeberg discussion has been raised before. There are good reasons why younger projects have migrated or started in Codeberg - Running a software in a repo that effectively bars feedback, is a major problem. Maybe this is why the Hubzilla Support Channel seems to be the more direct line to the devs (Not sure who runs and monitors the Matrix room).

AFAIR, @Mario Vavti had raised the issue almost a year ago that Codeberg has not yet implemented a Continuous Integration (CI/CD) mechanism (which Framagit has) - Which makes testing more easy and reliable.

Meantime, it seems Codeberg has implemented Woodpecker as their CI () - But I am far from being up-to-date, or having the competence to evaluate.
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I wand to add an icon with a link to the page /siteinfo into the navbar... This can be done easy by creating an app under /appman but how can i set this up so that the icon and link is also shown for internet user who are not login?
You can add:

	    <li class="nav-item">
		<a href="siteinfo" class="nav-link{{if (substr($url,17,8)=="siteinfo")}} active{{/if}}" title="{{t('About this site')}}"><i class="fa fa-fw fa-info"></i></a>

to /tpl/navbar_default.tpl file of your public theme.

Here example:
(lines 112-114) - #^

Questions regarding install of (streams) - Here, or is there a dedicated support channel?

Questions regarding install of (streams) - Here, or is there a dedicated support channel?

I have some problems getting streams to run.

1) After being informed about successful installation, I get a blank register and main page. The DB has been created, and I double-checked the php path, so I suppose credentials and php are OK. The tables were created with collation utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci, though - even though I set server connection to utf8mb4_general_ci. The shared DB server charset is cp1252 West European (latin1) - beyond my control, but it's the same for the Hubzilla DB that works. For my Hubzilla hub, I solved the wrong collation by exporting the DB tables, modifying table collation in the dump, and re-importing with rewrite of the content.

When executing the cronjob
cd /; /(php-path)/php Code/Daemon/Run.php Cron > /dev/null 2>&1
I get the error:
-: line 1: 10394 Segmentation fault /(php-path)/php Code/Daemon/Run.php Cron > /dev/null 2>&1

2) I am not sure where to place the required composer files, as /bin or /usr/bin is not writable on my webhost. I put it in my website folder for exectution after git clone - but I do not know if it is a good idea to keep it there, security-wise (so I deleted it for now, until the next update).

3) Is there a dedicated support channel for (streams) - Or should I just post it here?
Witcraft hubzilla (AP)
Whoomp - There it is:
Shell result:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 Sep 23 21:08 /usr/bin/php -> /usr/local/php80/bin/php
browser result:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 Jun 15 2020 /usr/bin/php -> [b]/etc/alternatives/php[/b]
and following this:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 Jul 27 14:14 /etc/alternatives/php [b]-> /usr/bin/php7.3[/b]
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4777720 Oct 24 2021 /usr/bin/php7.3
So this is the final file... No wonder streams with php8+ requirement is not working... You found it.

What is netcup doing there...?! Why is /usr/bin/php linked to /etc/alternatives...? I will have to ask their support (Unless someone knows how to fix that without them).

Thanks, all for your contributions to find the problem!
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Bill Statler mastodon (AP)
Okay, there is a fix but it will be specific to your web hosting service. I had to deal with this too. If they've got the CLI PHP 8 installed, then they also (probably) have the web PHP 8 installed. You just need to find out how to use it!

Just for an example, here is what I had to do on my hosting service:
It is very likely the details will be different on your service, so look for their help file or contact customer support. But here is specifically what I had to do:

Create ~/public_html/fcgi-bin/
exec /usr/www/cgi-bin/php81.cgi

and make it executable.

Create or edit .htaccess in a directory above the directory where Streams is installed, adding the following:
# Settings required for (streams)
# Use PHP 8.1:
AddType application/x-httpd-php81 .php
Action application/x-httpd-php81 /fcgi-bin/

Maybe this can go into the .htaccess file in the Streams directory instead, but I'm not sure if it will get preserved during updates.
mike platypus (AP)
/etc/alternatives was provided precisely for the purpose of supporting multiple versions of a package. /etc/alternatives/foo should point to the version of foo that you prefer using. In any case you should be able to work around it by supplying the absolute path of the desired executable (bypassing all symlinks) wherever it is needed. If you change it in .htconfig.php, be sure to change it in your cron job also.

Music Box hubzilla (AP)



One of the outstanding tracks from Costello's 1982 album "Imperial Bedroom" is "Man Out Of Time", and he and the 'Attractions' delivered this fine version in performance on June 18, 1996 at the BBC studios for a special edition of "Later With Jools Holland".
@!Music Box

Africa-S reg 001 any hubzilla (AP)

Merck Foundation Kenya Alumni Summit conducted in Nairobi to report impact on patient care transformation


Merck Foundation (, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany conducted their Annual Kenya Alumni Summit in Nairobi to discuss their programs with their partners and beneficiaries to transform patient care landscape in Kenya through building healthcare capacity, raising awareness about sensitive social and health issues; and to meet the Merck Foundation Alumni and Media Winners. This Annual Summit was co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Frank Stangenberg Haverkamp, Chairman of both Executive Board of E.Merck KG & Merck Foundation Board of Trustees and Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp during his Keynote address said, “At Merck Foundation, our goal is improving overall health and well-being by building healthcare capacity, by providing access to quality and equitable healthcare solutions in the African continent and beyond. We at Merck Foundation are committed to transform the patient care landscape not only in Kenya, but also across the entire African continent. Therefore, to fulfil this commitment 1300 scholarships have been provided to young doctors from 45 countries in 32 critical and underserved specialties.”

Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation emphasized, “Firstly, I am very happy to meet the Merck Foundation Alumni and Media Awards Winners in person for the first time after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. I am very proud of the work we are doing to transform public healthcare in Kenya. We have provided 118 scholarships in Kenya in critical specialties such as – Oncology, Embryology, Diabetes, Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine, Endocrinology, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine, Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Acute Medicine, Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology, Critical Care, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Urology and many more. We will continue to scale up these numbers in order to create a stronger platform of skilled medical professionals and strengthen the public healthcare system in Kenya and rest of Africa.”

Merck Foundation conducted their Alumni Summit to meet the doctors who have completed or are undergoing the scholarships provided by Merck Foundation.

Along with the Merck Foundation Alumni Summit, Merck Foundation conducted their Award Ceremony to recognize the winners of the Merck Foundation media recognition Awards.

The following winners were recognized:

Merck Foundation "More Than a Mother" Media Recognition Awards 2019
  • Kelvin Kamau Ngendo, Standard Media Group (Print)
  • Gloria Aradi, Standard Media Group (Print)
  • Elizabeth Kadzo Gunga, Citizen TV, Royal Media Services (Multimedia)
  • Dorcas Wangira, Citizen TV, Royal Media Services (Multimedia)
Merck Foundation "More Than a Mother" Media Recognition Awards 2020
  • Mercy Tyra Murengu, UPENDO FM (Radio – First Prize)
Merck Foundation "Stay at Home" Media Recognition Awards 2020
  • Evelyn Makena Gatobu, People Daily (Print- First Prize)
  • Hillary Orinde, Standard Media Group (Online- First Prize)
  • Geoffrey Kamadi, Scientific African (Online- Third Prize)
  • Mashirima Kapombe, Citizen TV (Multimedia – First Prize)
  • Dorcas Wangira, Citizen TV (Multimedia – First Prize)
Merck Foundation "More Than a Mother" Media Recognition Awards 2021
  • Bridges Mugala, Include Everyone Blog (Online – First Prize)
  • Victor Moturi, Pamoja FM (Radio – First Prize)
  • Mercy Tyra Murengu, Atoo Sifa Fm-Kakuma, Stringer for Voice of America (Radio – Third Prize)
  • Zainab Mohammed, TV47 Kenya (Multimedia – First Prize)
  • Elizabeth Kadzo Gunga, Citizen TV (Multimedia – Second Prize)
  • Anne Njogu, Standard Media Group (Multimedia – Second Prize)
Merck Foundation "Mask Up with Care" Media Recognition Awards 2021
  • Dorcas Wangira, Citizen TV (Online – Second Prize)
  • Asha Bekidusa, Bahari FM (Radio – Second Prize)
  • Ruth Kadide Keah, Radio Rahma (Multimedia – First Prize)
  • Mercy Tyra Murengu, Stringer for Voice of America (Multimedia – Second)
  • Zainab Mohammed, TV47 Kenya (Multimedia – Third)
Merck Foundation "More Than a Mother" SONG Awards 2021
  • Dennis Kimani Wanjiku (Ashisho) (English Language Category – Third Prize)
Merck Foundation Health Media Training was also conducted for the Award Winners, to emphasize on the important role that media plays to influence society to create a cultural shift with the aim to address wide range of social and health issues such as: Breaking Infertility Stigma, Supporting Girl Education, Women Empowerment, Ending Child Marriage, Ending FGM, and/ or Stopping GBV at all levels; to underscore the importance of Empowering Girls and Women in Education and to understand the Influence of infertility stigma and other social issues like GBV, Child Marriage, FGM etc. on women and couples - Social and Psychological Impact. Apart from this, the Media Training also included a session on the importance of increasing the awareness of early detection and prevention of Diabetes and Hypertension. The training session was addressed by Medical Experts, the Merck Foundation Alumni from Kenya.

Moreover, Merck Foundation CEO announced the Call for Applications for their 8 important awards for Media, Musicians, Fashion Designers, Filmmakers, students, and new potential talents in these fields.

The award announced are:
  • Merck Foundation Africa Media Recognition Awards “More Than a Mother” 2022
  • Merck Foundation Fashion Awards “More Than a Mother” 2022
  • Merck Foundation Film Awards “More Than a Mother” 2022
  • Merck Foundation Song Awards “More Than a Mother” 2022
  • Merck Foundation Media Recognition Awards 2022 “Diabetes & Hypertension”
  • Merck Foundation Fashion Awards 2022 “Diabetes & Hypertension”
  • Merck Foundation Film Awards 2022 “Diabetes & Hypertension”
  • Merck Foundation Song Awards 2022 “Diabetes & Hypertension”
Entries for the above awards can be submitted to us at:

For information on the above awards, please visit our website:
Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Merck Foundation.

More images:

Media contact:
Mehak Handa
Community Awareness Program Manager
+91 9310087613/ +91 9319606669

Join the conversation on our social media platforms below and let your voice be heard:
Download the Merck Foundation App:

About ‘Merck Foundation More Than a Mother’ campaign:
“Merck Foundation More Than a Mother” is a strong movement that aims to empower infertile women through access to information, education and change of mind-set. This powerful campaign supports in defining policies and interventions to build quality and equitable Reproductive and Fertility Care Capacity, Break Infertility Stigma and Raise Awareness about Infertility Prevention and Male Infertility. In partnership with African First Ladies, Ministries of Health, Information, Education & Gender, academia, policymakers, International fertility societies, media and art, the initiative also provides training for Fertility Specialists and Embryologists to build and advance fertility care capacity in Africa and developing countries.

With “Merck Foundation More Than a Mother”, we have initiated a cultural shift to de-stigmatize infertility at all levels: By improving awareness, training local experts in the fields of fertility care and media, building advocacy in cooperation with African First Ladies and women leaders and by supporting childless women in starting their own small businesses. It’s all about giving every woman the respect and the help she deserves to live a fulfilling life, with or without a child.

The Ambassadors of “Merck Foundation More Than a Mother” are:

The First Lady of Botswana

H.E. REBECCA AKUFO-ADDO, The First Lady of Ghana

H.E. AISHA BUHARI, The First Lady of Nigeria

H.E. ANGELINE NDAYISHIMIYE, The First Lady of Burundi

H.E. CLAR WEAH, The First Lady of Liberia

H.E FATIMA MAADA BIO, The First Lady of Sierra Leone

H.E. BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic

H.E. MONICA CHAKWERA, The First Lady of Malawi

H.E. MUTINTA HICHILEMA, The First Lady of Zambia

H.E. ANTOINETTE SASSOU-NGUESSO, The First Lady of Congo Brazzaville

H.E. ISAURA FERRÃO NYUSI, The First Lady of Mozambique

H.E. AUXILLIA MNANGAGWA, The First Lady of Zimbabwe

H.E. DENISE NYAKERU TSHISEKEDI, THE First Lady of Democratic Republic of Congo

H.E. MONICA GEINGOS, The First Lady of Namibia

H.E. FATOUMATTA BAH-BARROW, The First Lady of The Gambia

H.E. BAZOUM HADIZA MABROUK, The First Lady of Niger

The Former First Lady of Burundi, H.E DENISE NKURUNZIZA, The Former First Lady of Chad, H.E. HINDA DÉBY ITNO, The Former First Lady of Guinea Conakry, H.E. CONDÉ DJENE, The Former First Lady of Malawi, H.E. PROFESSOR GERTRUDE MUTHARIKA, The Former First Lady of Niger, H.E AÏSSATA ISSOUFOU MAHAMADOU and The Former First Lady of Zambia, H.E. ESTHER LUNGU have worked successfully with Merck Foundation as Merck Foundation More Than a Mother Ambassadors to break the stigma of infertility and empower infertile women in their countries.
Merck Foundation launched new innovative initiatives to sensitize local communities about infertility prevention, male infertility with the aim to break the stigma of infertility and empowering infertile women as part of Merck Foundation More than a Mother COMMUNITY AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, such as;
  • ‘Merck Foundation More than a Mother’ Africa Media Recognition Awards and Health Media Training
  • ‘Merck Foundation More than a Mother’ Fashion Awards
  • ‘Merck Foundation More than a Mother’ Film Awards
  • ‘Merck Foundation More than a Mother’ Song Awards
  • Local songs with local artists to address the cultural perception of infertility and how to change it
  • Children storybook, localized for each country
About Merck Foundation:
The Merck Foundation, established in 2017, is the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany, aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people and advance their lives through science and technology. Our efforts are primarily focused on improving access to quality & equitable healthcare solutions in underserved communities, building healthcare and scientific research capacity and empowering people in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with a special focus on women and youth. All Merck Foundation press releases are distributed by e-mail at the same time they become available on the Merck Foundation Website. Please visit to read more. To know more, reach out to our social media: Merck Foundation (; Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram (, YouTube ( and Flicker (

Media files
Download logo

Cloud - HTTP Error 500

Cloud - HTTP Error 500

Unfortunately, I don't know since when, but calling up the Cloud on my hub (#^ only generates an HTTP Error 500.

With my second hub (#^, access to the cloud works perfectly.

Both hubs are running version 7.6.1.

What could be the reason for this?
@PepeCyB this regression: #^
@Mario Vavti: obviously, it's not fixed (see #^ )

Examples of Comanche PDL page layouts and web pages

Examples of Comanche PDL page layouts and web pages

I've just deployed my first hubzilla instance and am learning now to use all of the components. One which is proving a continued challenge is the #Comanche page description language #pdledit I can create random Page Layouts and a random #webpage, but I can't intuit how the two pieces fit together.
Can someone either provide a simple example of a combined and working Page Layout and Web Page or point me toward more documentation than what's included in the repo? I think if I see a working example of the two which are tied together and function as a hubzilla, Comanche-based web site, I should be able to take it from there. At the moment, what I can't seem to figure out is how, after defining regions and sections in a page layout, I define HTML text in the Web Page in a way that it will be placed in the regions defined in the Page Layout.
neue medienordnung plus hubzilla (via ActivityPub)

Examples of Comanche PDL page layouts and web pages

This is the layout template and other examples bottom with a pair of blocks, incl. zg_and_dene_for_more_security_menu from this template the website [1]

- Considerations-for-one-hubzilla-mobile-agent-concept_en

builds. I created the website [1] 5 years ago, but I assume that the basic principles "Comanche Page Description Language" have not changed.

[1] Heliza: Considerations for Hubzilla mobile agent concept -
[2] member_guide#Comanche_Page_Description_Language - #^




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How to mute a domain? Thank you!
mike platypus (AP)
That's mostly correct, but you can Superblock total strangers. However for those folks that also have accounts on zap, (streams), etc. domain blocking was later added to SuperBlock and this tool was also brought into core within those repositories. While I consider this to be a last resort option which you should rarely need it if you use the default system permissions, the general consensus was that you shouldn't need to convince the admin to install something extra just so you can block obnoxious behaviour.
Oliver doesn't like this.

Being in the forest garden, missed this major release of advanced fediverse software Streams. You can experience it here at #^

The irony could not be more profound. Today marks 12 years since the first release of Mistpark, the very first protocol and brand agnostic decentralised social network. "A message is a message. What software or protocol you use is irrelevant."

Meanwhile, Mastodon announces they are teaming up with a design organisation to improve the branding of their flagship website. What's notable is this branding isn't being developed for the open source project - only for the flagship website so that it can further consolidate and grow.

Meanwhile, the repository known only by the place-holder name of (streams) issues its first official release; and which is the direct descendant of Mistpark. It abolishes brands and branding in personal communications. There is no flagship website. There is no brand or project. There is no launch party or list of features with videos and professionally produced graphics. In fact there is only this post.



hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
I'm opening extra commission slots this month.
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable.
maruki [@] ?
RToots appreciated ?
# #


Building a case for node9 servers. My car battery went down one day and that was an impulse to do something with that bunch of adapters hanging on the extension cord which are now powering the boards, make some cooling also and come closer to possibility of local solar setup. Bought two Mean Well PSC-60A with rated power 60W and 12V output. These PSUs have UPS function so they can be connected to 12V battery which is used as a backup and they can charge the battery with 1.5 A. They have efficiency 84% and MTBF 590 K hours. They do not have 5V circuit - anyway most of PSU have just 5V 3A and we need more - so the black boxes are DC-DC converters SKM30A-05 from 12V to 5V rated 30W so it can run Raspberry or Jetson (3A required + min. 1A for SSD drives) and have some overhead, they will run 24/7 and should not be at peak power all the time. Their efficiency is 88% and MTBF 700Khours. So two 12V circuits for Odroid and Mikrotik routerboard with barrel jacks 5.5/2.1 and two 5V circuits with USB-C (bought 15cm USB-C power cables rated 100W). I desintegrated old DIY amplifier and it has nice aluminium skeleton obviously some universal building system, that will be nice housing i guess. 12V PSUs have also signalling of AC OK and Battery low, which could be used to control the power, so there could be some relay at the AC input (black wire) used to disconnect grid AC and run on battery charging from solar panel. But that will be some future phase, for now just old battery as backup will be connected and i will do some measurements.


16-core - 16GB RAM - 2 plants

inventaire and Hubzilla

inventaire and Hubzilla is a #libre webapp to share physical books with your friends, groups, and neighbors. To do that, we run a #Wikidata-federated open bibliographic database, learn more:

The Platform can federate with the Fediverse by #ActivityPub

I just checked if it works also with Hubzilla. An account can be added but no activities do get to the HZ site. With Mastodon it does work...

maybe it is just like with bookwyrm where @mike was able to identify an solve the problem quid easy
Mario Vavti hubzilla (AP)
Instead of rejecting, they should probably fetch the appschema or just dismiss it if they do not need it...
Chris hubzilla (AP)
@Mario Vavti Can you write this too in the github forum?
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