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Space Exploitation

When billionaires develop space technologies and proclaim to go and explore the space, one must be naive to think that they will do anything but exploit the space, as they do on Earth.

Our trade-based society is exactly like a Monopoly game, and some players get to own the entire game and do whatever they want, while proclaiming to do good things. Their thirst for playing and winning more and more, cannot go away when the game itself incentivizes them to follow such motives.

Unfortunately our lives, the Earth, and now the outer space, are all monopolized by a few players who are ruthless when it comes to them winning at any costs. The problem is that the rest of the players do not understand that this is just a game. They are trapped in their fantasy land thinking that the economy is a god-given entity, that money is real, ownership is something we need, and overall that our society is not human-made, but something we are born into and have to play by its rules.

While billionaires launch into the outer space with their rockets built on top of slaves and wasted resources, the rest of the humans should land from the fantasy world onto the Reality Planet.

We try our best, with our resources, to provide all kinds of materials for humans to be able to land on Planet Reality: news, photos, videos, documentaries, lectures, books, tools to replace their adsocial-networks and other such online nonsense that keeps their minds busy and dumb, with ones that are trade-free and relevant, and a lot lot more. See

Unfortunately very few react to such tools and fewer see their true value. Some people, who do indeed recognize that our society is at fault here and not individuals, are also unimpressed by such projects/tools it seems, dreaming of building utopic cities or huge projects that they never end up building. They dismiss projects like TROM, probably thinking that it is a nice project but not that relevant...

My question is: if we do no take care of brains in today's insane society, and so so online where most brains spent their time, then how are we going to even start a conversation about changing this society?

For humans to land from the Fantasy World, to the Reality Planet, they need brain enemas more than anything else right now. #tromimg
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well this fantasy will probably become reality in the near future...

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GDPR is nonsense

Of course this GDPR in Europe thing is pointless

Trying to force people to be good in today's trade-based society, is moronic. You can't "dictate" that these online giants be honest about what data they collect about you, when data is their main trade asset. They will lie, deceive, and have so much money that suing them is futile.

Also, at least if EU understood that data collection means data trade and it is the same as any form of trade. The same way you walk into a supermarket, take some food, and then you have to give them money (trade), the same way you visit Facebook and have to give them your attention (watch ads) + your data. The difference is that these are new trades and no one understands them it seems. Plus, another difference is that Facebook "takes your money" the moment you come into their supermarket, without being very open about that at all. That's how it is: like a supermarket that charges your credit card the moment you come into the store.

Maybe EU should have at least understood that. Probably this "economy" needs a complete down-to-earth definition: it is a trade based society. That's all it is. We trade labor for food or other needs/wants, we trade data for entertainment, we trade our attention for services, and so forth. And we at times use currencies to represent these trades: money, cryptocurrencies, tokens, likes, views, etc.. SIMPLE.

I suggest to the EU to at least understand that, and then name their "GDPR" as W.A.I.T. - What Am I Trading?

This way, you try to force companies to be open about what users have to trade to them, the same way a supermarket has to put up the prices for the items they sell. And if EU did that, at least we may educate people about what is truly happening in these "data mining and collecting" scenarios.

People are obsessed about new and fancy words and theories: privacy-friendly, privacy-oriented, data mining, the attention economy, surveillance capitalism, freemium, freeware, and so forth. All of these are describing TRADE. It is simply trade going online, and different rules, norms and practices forming around them.

In the end is the same folks....the same supermarket charging you for that food you want to grab. And the same way the supermarkets put those .99 prices to confuse you, and deceiving marketing and labeling (natural products, organic, fair trade, etc.), the same exact way happens online with Facebook, Google and the like that are simply supermarkets that sell you services in return for money, other currencies, data, attention and so forth. It is just a different medium, but the same practice sprinkled with different approaches.

Don't get confused!

We explain all about that here

And in the upcoming TROM II documentary. #tromlive
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Gegen #Verschwörungsideologien und #Antisemitismus sein?
Kommt doch Morgen Abend vorbei!

"Protest gegen verschwörungs-ideologische Demonstration zum Holocaust-Mahnmal"

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Trade-Free alternatives to:

- Facebook/Twitter
- Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud
- Youtube/Vimeo
- Google Search/Bing
- Google Docs/Microsoft Office
- Wetransfer
- Pocket
- Google Maps
- Spotify (desktop)
- Windows/MacOS plus most of the apps found on these operating systems

Plus more such services here

Help us keep them trade-free and add a lot more. Donate if you can

Interesting (will safe the world?) but dubious: .rf, no impressum
Another genius system?

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Making progress with the TROM II documentary ;)

But it will take many months to finish. So far so great. #tromimg
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Wir positionieren uns entschieden gegen Verschwörungsideologien. Nichts da mit #Gegenuni, #studisbleibensolidarisch!
@astatu @astafu @LuSt_Referat




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[Servicetweet] An alle Studis, die noch nicht geimpft wurden: hier findet ihr Infos, wie ihr euch an eurer Hochschule impfen lassen könnt! Let’s go! 💉🦠

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Those who think that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are better than money, understand nothing about this trade-based society. Currencies only represent trades, and trade is what pushes people to create so much destruction in the world. Also, to "mine" cryptocurrencies and spend so much energy doing that, more than countries of hundreds of millions of people, is simply insane. What these "miners" do is "solving" irrelevant mathematical problems to see what computer is first to get some rewards for that. Just to create more currency and "distribute" it in a very unequal manner to those who have the most powerful computers.

TROM cuts through this shit like a hot knife through butter, because TROM focuses on "trade as the origin of most problems", and not money.

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From the context, when you say "trade" here I take it you mean something other than "energy exchange"...
Otherwise it brings to question, how is "trade" different than "energy exchange"?

Would note again, "money" is ALWAYS a centrally controlled abstract as applied to mass for purposes of "energy exchange". Doesn't really matter if that central control is the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), "A.I.", or A-liens from the planet fuk me that come in yoga pants, bearing lattes and snakes, and when asked to leave reply "Namaste". Without that central control MONETARY "economic" (aka "energy exchange") mechanisms, such as "Price Discovery" for example, simply can't happen.

Absolutely agree with you that Cryptocurrencies do not in anyway stray from the monetary model, they are MONEY. So while there may be a form that appears on the surface as if there's all sorts of decentralized "free actors" in the space, it's ultimately no more decentralized than people creating their own YouTube channels or pointing out that they have over 400 channels to choose from on their TV and then acting like that means there's no longer only 6 some odd companies facilitating and servicing every single bit of what they just claimed was highly decentralized. In fact, since 2010-11, the crypto space has shown itself from multiple angles to stand as HIGHLY centralized and concentrated at it's root. (i.e. last I knew it was less than 1% of bitcoin wallets holding over 40% of the total BTC volume; which by itself creates a highly manipulable economic state over the mass)

But you don't seem to be discussing specifically MONETARY Economics (as you stress that you aren't), but just economics (aka "energy exchange") itself if I understand your application of the word "trade" here correctly.

If "energy exchange" itself, that is to say TRADES OF ENERGY is not to occur, how is something as basic as a stream running from one destination to another, subsequently facilitating grass growing, that subsequently facilitates the raising of food, which then allows one to cook a meal and share it with their family even supposed to occur?
The water would need to be stopped (as it's making energy trade exchanges with the grass), the raising of food related to the energy trade exchanges with the soil would need to stop, cooking again would entail energy exchanges as would the sharing of the food so those couldn't happen, just all energy trade exchanges, all economics, would need to stop. The mere act of burning calories couldn't even take place, as again, burning calories is a process of energy trade exchange.

Anyhow, just not sure what you specifically are meaning when you say "trade"....
please elaborate.

@Future is FOSS
The "S" in "IoT" stands for "Security".
Considering where things stood back in 2011 in mainstream block-crypto practices to where they are now, one would think the block-crypto sphere had elected on a path of "Who needs security anyway?"

Exchanges soaking up IDs, a near total indifference to overt market manipulations topped with FOMO rushes abounding, near total indifference to existing chipset issues (ala Intel ME and AMD PSP), the list goes on and on. Could it be worse?
Sure, it could be worse, and in fact it's arguably done nothing but continue to exceed itself, specifically in areas that strip individual security (notably in regards to a "powerful adversary"), over the past decade.
Security is such a non-issue that much like Microsoft's handling of Windows 8/Server 2012 on, one might presume of the absurd state of "SecurityLACK":
"its not a bug, ITS A FEATURE!"
(much of this period of history may later be reflected back on as the "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?" era)

Such said, when there's more empty homes then there are homeless people (such as in the U.S.) there's something deeper than just "money" or "energy misallocation" issues occurring. There's (IMO) a rather overt collectively emergent Moral Ethic issue. The "money" itself is simply a symptom of the state of said Moral Ethic issue. At it's very least, the "money" simply shows that the collectively emergent Moral Ethic has a standing consensus of and for "slave economics". That is to say, it places the judgement of some sort of "I" (which need not be a person, but simply a central entity) possessing an absolute "right" understanding of "value" over all others and subsequently for any economics (energy exchange) to take place it's congregant mass must OBEY and adhere to it's "value" set limits.
So if the collective Moral Ethic is one of Master/Deity to Slave, the larger economics is going to be a reflective manifestation of that order. Arguably akin to a "death cult" in as much that the central command increasingly seeks nothing but a total reflection of it's own self with no other dynamics as it "scales up". OBEY MY COMMAND

M:E E😛 P🙁p)W
"E"conomics is an emergent subset of "M"orality/Ethics,
"P"olitics (the deliberations in or of an existing "E"conomic state) is an emergent subset of "E"conomics,
"(p)"otential for "W"ar (failure of politics to amicably and peaceably resolve) is an emergent subset of "P"olitics.
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By trade I mean this - it is inside of a context, that of the human world invented fantasy called "economic". I am deeply confused by what you are saying with "energy exchange". It is simply the economy we face today. In this worldwide society, if you want food, you need to give something in return. You can't just grab some food and eat. In most places you give yourself (like your skills, time, energy) and do something for someone else (carry stuff, punch some numbers in a computer, whatever). We call these "jobs". And we represent these trades between you who wants food, and the others who want you, with a currency. Today is mainly money. You then take this money and trade it for food to someone else. That's how this system works.

If you look more broadly you find multiple such trading systems in our society. For example youtube wants your attention (watch those ads!) because they can convert them later on into something else, like say money that then they convert into cars and houses and whatever. Others trade their computer power to "mine" bitcoin or other currencies, and in return they get some currency that then can be used to purchase real things. In the end these people do not trade for currency, but for what the currency can bring to them. You can't eat bitcoin or do anything with it. It is only relevant when you can do something useful with it, like accessing goods/services. Get a burger or a blowjob 😁.

Other forms of trades are between you and your tribe. Your tribe may say: "You want food? Then respect our laws and give us as much info about you as possible. And if we think you are worthy, we give you food." These are called "social programs". You trade your freedom/(¡dignity and such, in order to get food, or whatever.

So I am not, of course, talking in an abstract way about trade, but about our society specifically. Makes more sense now?
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As this comment is lengthy, I'll offer first this concise version of what it covers and deals with (more thorough statement beginning at "LONG FORM COMMENT" below):
1. Why I equated "Economics" to both "Energy Exchange" AND "Trade" as synonymous terms
2. What I meant by "Energy" (and might as well call EVERYTHING "energy")
3. Nothing you're saying makes sense to me about "Trade" in and of itself and even your own citation of what "trade" is professed that what you were saying only made sense within the limited subset of possible "Trade" forms that are of a centrally controlled trade nature (of which "money" just happens to be a subset of). In the context of EXCLUDING economics like "bartering", "gifting", "agorism", etc. yes, I totally see what you're talking about and agree such systems are "Slave Economics" by the very nature of their Central Control and Command being applied to a congregant obeying mass that is denied the ability of setting and/or carrying any meaningful "value" set of their own.

Apologize for the length, but eh, such can often be the natural result of real inquiry and discussion.
Can't say I have any real disagreement or issue with anything you've thus far stated other than semantics and a suggestion that you might want to reconsider how you're defining "trade" and "economics" simply to avoid what you mean falling into contradictions with itself when one approaches "economic theory" or it's subset of "monetary theory".
Discussions of this sort are important and I HIGHLY commend your (and the TROM teams) work. I certainly don't have all the answers and I'm really not sure there's any real "freedom" EVER possible from ANY central entity that claims to. However, without discussions like these beginning to take place, truly addressing the issues inherent to "Where are we?", "How did we get here?", and "What might we do moving forward?" aren't likely to be addressed or acted on in any meaningful way.
As the old saying goes.....
"Free your mind and your ass will follow"
-Parliament Funkadelic


"By trade I mean this - it is inside of a context, that of the human world invented fantasy called "economic". I am deeply confused by what you are saying with "energy exchange".

From your own offered definition:
"Trade involves the transfer of goods or services from one person or entity to another, often in exchange for money. Economists refer to a system or network that allows trade as a market."
"An early form of trade, the Gift economy, saw the exchange of goods and services without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. A gift economy involves trading things without the use of money. Modern traders generally negotiate through a medium of exchange, such as money. As a result, buying can be separated from selling, or earning. The invention of money (and later of credit, paper money and non-physical money) greatly simplified and promoted trade. Trade between two traders is called bilateral trade, while trade involving more than two traders is called multilateral trade."

First, notice that your own citation notes that "Trade" is a "Superset" of "money". That is to say, "money"/"monetary economics" ALWAYS holds an emergent relation to trade but trade IS NOT emergent from or always in relation to "money". As per your own citations claim:
"Modern traders generally [BUT NOT ALWAYS] negotiate through a medium of exchange, such as money [MONEY BEING BUT ONE POSSIBLE MEDIUM OF TRADE]
and "traders generally negotiate through a medium of exchange [THIS IS ONLY GENERALLY], such as money [AGAIN, MONEY IS ONLY ONE POSSIBLE MEDIUM OF MEDIUMS]. As a result, buying can be separated from selling, or earning [THE ACTUAL REAL/TRUE ECONOMIC OCCURRENCE IS NEGOTIATED THROUGH ABSTRACTION, AN ACT OF PURE IMAGINATION]. The invention of money (and later of credit, paper money and non-physical money) greatly simplified and promoted trade. [SIMPLIFIED IN AS MUCH THAT "VALUE" IS ESTABLISHED VIA A CENTRAL ENTITY AS OPPOSED TO MULTIPLE ENTITIES; ENABLING A REFEREE/JUDGE FOR MORE STREAMLINED "PRICE DISCOVERY"]

*Bracketed items being editorial notes originating from myself as opposed to the original citation*

Moving on, take heed that per the standard physics model both a "good" itself as well as a "service" are inherently imbued with and constituted of "energy" as given by the Planck Constant.
"a fundamental physical constant denoted h, and is of fundamental importance in quantum mechanics. A photon's energy is equal to its frequency multiplied by the Planck constant. Due to mass–energy equivalence, the Planck constant also relates mass to frequency."

Going even more explicitly into the details of things, we then have "Energy"
"energy is the quantitative property that must be transferred to a body or physical system to perform work on the body, or to heat it. Energy is a conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed." [NOTE THAT SUCH MEANS THAT IN MORE TRUE/NON-ABSTRACTED ECONOMICS THIS MEANS SOMETHING MUCH CLOSER TO MULTILATERAL EXCHANGE ALWAYS UNDERLIES THE TRUTH OF ANY ABSTRACTED ECONOMICS.... THINGS ALWAYS SUM TO ZERO!]

So this is why I noted "money" as always being a centrally controlled abstract as applied to a mass for "energy exchange" (aka "economics"). The "money" is simply a "debt instrument" used for establishing that some "value" of "energy" is owed/obligated to the holder of "money".

For Nation State "money", the "Boss Level" as it were, became the central bank(s). The Central Bank of Central Banks, "The Boss" of the "Boss Level" being the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). Below the BIS is then the World Bank and IMF. Below the World Bank and IMF are then what people popularly think of when they hear the words "central bank", that being things like the U.S. Federal Reserve, the UK Bank of England, Japan's Bank of Japan, China's People's Bank Of China, etc. Finally one reaches the level of things like the "Member Bank(s)", which is the level at which the general public starts interacting with the CENTRALLY CONTROLLED system. These are banks like Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, BBVA (now PNC). Note that in light of all surface level appearances of "decentralization", the system itself does centralize; the appearance of "decentralization" being born of a result of mistaking different divisions of the same network as being unique and totally independent of each other when that simply NEVER was the case.
Of note, the BIS resides in Basel, Switzerland. There's the old saying of "Be like the Swiss" with underlying comment to how Switzerland was "neutral" in World War II. It's pretty easy to remain neutral when one is "The Boss (level)", 😉

As fore-noted, in lieu of the advent of HFT (High Frequency Trading) and the like, "value" management was (basically) handed over to "A.I.".

YouTube: High Frequency Trading (WEED e.V.)

If anything, the only roll left to the CBs (Central Banks) is one of providing "liquidity" to and for the "A.I." Such "liquidity" is made manifest through acts like "Quantitative Easing" (aka "Q.E."), which in a simple, just means "Creating new money out of thin air".

The CBs have then (made clear) that they are, for whatever reason, removing themselves from the system and basically turning over their role as a facilitator of Liquidity to the general mass. Which, in a simple, is opened up by allowing just about any and all to both
1. create money
2. Removing the human entity from (virtually) having anything to do with monetary management and exchange rates.

As this process completes, the CBs have been rather blunt and clear, as per the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell last april...
"I'm in a position to guarantee that the Fed will do everything we can to support the economy for as long as it takes to complete the recovery."
*full interview here: *

A sneaky way of basically saying "QE! QE FOREVER!" as that's literally about the only tool left in the CB bucket to "support the [monetary] economy". As any cessation of QE has been shown to both clearly and drastically manifest as (monetary) market shocks and downturns. Never mind "Melt Down", the (monetary) market "Melts Up" (destroying itself in the process).
In an absurd world, sometimes the largest truths are easily mistaken for comedy. Such said, President's Camacho's speech on modern economics is single handily one of the most clear and direct commentaries I've ever heard or seen.....

*amended video of Camacho to help illustrate the TRUTH that underlays what may at first appear mere comedy. Take heed to the recent trillions (and a trillion means a million billion) injected into markets, the eviction stays (aka "rent forgiveness"), the government sending out of "free" money to both businesses and to lesser extent general citizens, and of course the advent of public "get rich quick" through things like the "Robin Hood" app platform and of course cryptocurrencies falling from the sky. Then ask yourself if what's being delivered by Camacho really comedy, or is it just that the truth itself really is that absurd.*

Enter the PO(o)R [aka "Proof Of Resource"], the increased implementation of physically monitored human actions [ala physical action tangible "service" as opposed to a "good"] as mining mechanisms as opposed to the POW (Proof Of Work) method of resolving hashes (for more detail see Microsoft Patent WO2020060606), and similar related derivatives such as "Real Asset NFTs".

It's ALL not only "Energy Exchange" management (the "banks" simply guiding the "currency"; perhaps better said as "current see"), but more specifically CENTRALLY CONTROLLED "Energy Exchange". As fore noted, "Economics" being at it's root nothing more than "Energy Exchange".

The old (monetary) system abstraction is updated and simplified via
1. Automated Management ("A.I."; derived from the collectively emergent moral ethic)
2. Everything and EVERYONE under the system is rendered into little more than a direct commodity of the system. To quote Mr. Schwab of the World Economic Forum "You will own nothing, and you will be happy."

YouTube: "The World Is a Business, Mr. Beale" (evelkidnievel)

*"Valhalla Mr Beale" indeed*

Money, the game where even when you "win", you actually "lose".
YOU ARE THE PRODUCT (of the collectively emergent shadow) SELF
"In The Algos We Trust"
Finally, all the Keynesian nonsense resolves to a balanced Zero sum game.....
that is, a zero sum game of death (as all individualized independent thought and action dynamics are literally eliminated and killed off and converted into essentially a centrally controlled "Hive Mind".... Star Treks "Borg" comes to mind).
Capitalism reaches it's final stage monopoly, in doing so it realizes both the Corp State driven dream of Mussolini's Fascism, Hitler's National Socialism, AND (Marx/Engles) dream of Communism. All said things were little more than the same "monetary economics" and as such all carried the same "monetary economics" end place dressed in different clothes for different audiences for purposes of #AreYouNotEntertained (Please click subscribe, like, and stay engaged)

Again, Google and Apple themselves covered this (to little public fan fare) in the public open a couple years ago now and for whatever disagreements I may hold with such institutions, I commend them on their public clarity of statement.

There's an (educational) game called Paper Clips.... it's a rather witty and fun expose on the workings of "monetary economics", I HIGHLY recommend checking out. I'll give a spoiler though on that one doesn't win the game until not just everyone, but literally everything, has been turned into a commodity.

#BeExcellentToEachOther (because might as well)
#MoneyIsDead (Pandora's Box was opened and RoboCthulhu will devour all in it's path!)
and #OllieCthulu (because RoboCthulhu gives ZERO fuks who or what's in it's way and there's no more getting rid of RoboCthulhu then there is getting rid of your own shadow.... so just see and recognize Cthulhu, ollie Cthulhu, but probably no need to stress trying to overly engage Cthulhu in a fight because such is just an exercise in futility)
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I think you are overly-complicating things. 😛 - My definition of trade is quite easy to grasp I'd say, as explained above. We also have a book explaining the "birth of trade" - see it here - and another one all about trade, here ;)

I appreciate your engagement, but I think you re taking the definition of trade to the stars and back, and that's not what we are talking about. 😀
Alien (A23P) friendica (via ActivityPub)
for as lengthy as my comment may have been; lets just say 1400 some odd pages is a whole other bracket of digestion. *he he* So, while started on the first book (which seems a considerably quicker tear through then the page number make it look), may be a bit before I'm in any position to question or offer any real thought on what's covered.

Such said, I will question (again) what exactly you mean with this word "trade".
As not only did your first citation on what "trade" was state that bartering AND gifting (among else) are in fact "trade", but the first book early on seems to fluctuate between referencing "trade" as something that extends beyond the bounds of mere centrally controlled methods as applied to a mass (i.e. "money") but then at times equates it to only centrally controlled means.

"To say that the act of trade began at one point in time is very unrealistic, as
people have likely exchanged goods and services for millennia
. You have
sheep and I can take care of them, then you can give me some sheep meat, or
fur, for my service. You have cows and I make clothes, so I get some milk and
you get some shoes. You get the point. It’s important to mention though that
the notion of property varied greatly from one cluster of people to the next.
While we can’t exactly pinpoint any specific one, there were many tribes who
never thought of the land or animals that they farmed as theirs, but more as
them simply being there, and being farmed, and all tribes enjoyed the
advantages. If you were to ask them who owns the sheep, for example, they
would not be able to understand the question.

So o.k., right with you so far.... people have been exchanging since always (or at least specifically "millennia" as it's stated) and we're basically consistent with the whole notion of the conservative "law" (perhaps more like "theory") of energy so far.

But then right after that this is said:
"When american settlers got ‘bossy’ with indigenous indians and were
attempting to take their land, they were confused as to the borders of the
indian land, because the indians just grew their vegetables in open spaces,
or farmed in open spaces, not regarding the land as theirs or anyone else’s.
There are also people who some call ‘nomads’, who travel all the time, never
settling in one place. They view Earth as belonging to no one -it’s just thereand they take advantage of it to feed, clothe, and protect themselves. Even
today, there are tribes where the notion of property is foreign to them, and
trade (if it exist) is unrecognizable.
So keep that in mind, as ‘trade’ is not a ‘naturally’ occurring thing that applies to all clusters of people (cultures)."

Notice how it's stated that seems "trade" has always (or at least for milu) been around AND how there's not only means of it other than centrally controlled abstracts (i.e. "money"), but that concepts of "property" need not even necessarily apply? Yet then it's equally equated to the issues that evolved out of centrally controlled mass exchange methods.

In any case, I'm still reading....
but will note that while "currencies" are one thing, over the course of my own studies into economics and monetary theory one thing I found (which is noted in the book) is that:
1. Currency itself often wasn't and isn't centrally controlled and nor does it inherently carry an intent that "this is basis of all exchange"
2. "Money", which is a specific type of currency that is always centrally controlled, far as I've been able to trace back hits out of Sumeria. It wasn't cash or coin as known, but it was assuredly "money". The earliest known coin form I was able to trace back stems back to Tyre (Greco-Roman Empire); earliest known paper cash some time later out of Asia/China. Something that may be found of interest is the earliest mention of "kings" and basically central control/orchestrated "civilization" I know of hits back to Sumeria and even "The Bible" that Rome would eventually come to flaunt features an Abraham that, among else, is clear on originally hailing out of Sumeria (Genesis 24). I note this mostly just to raise the question of if it's at all surprising that a place rooted in centralized control and basically "divine right" would hold (from what I could make out) the oldest historical reference to "money" (a centrally controlled abstract as applied to a mass for energy exchange) and even "law" (complete with arguing lawyers) as among the things it carried in implemented working?

Such said, just thought I'd note that for now, but otherwise I'm taking the bait and at least reading the entirety of the first work before commenting or questioning any further with a continued suggestion that just for better conveying intent and meaning, just might want to consider that you may not want to hold to so ardently using the word "trade".
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Thanks for taking a look at our books. But always keep in mind that if you want to put the microscope on any word, it will quickly lose any sense of reality. This is why we need context. And our context seems very simple: trade is the exchange of goods/services. Like we see today in so many different forms. I explained a lot in the comment section here and a lot more in the books mentioned. If you want, we could have a live discussion about "what is trade" in a special tromcast. If you can join and would want to do that let us know and we can schedule one. To have a friendly discussion about this notion. Could be useful for others to participate too and/or to listen.
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money is on a track to take care of itself in fairly short order and it's been well past the point of comically overt in that regard for years now. The global politics connected to it rendered little more than a #AreYouNotEntertained comedy show of ego and narcissism in the process. Fewer than 10 companies making up over 40% of an S&P 500 "free market", Market Flash Crashes of 666, and a Tweeter n Chief that grabs pussy descended of a Mary Christ (seriously, the Trump dynasty gets kicked off by one Mary Christ), and a Musk character that carries on about how one can tell that a sports car really was sent to mars because "You can tell it's real because it looks so fake".... I mean 'cmon. Mel Brooks and Monty Python combined couldn't come up with scripts so absurd.
It'd be nice not to have to live on the same stage as the absurd comedy wraps up it's centuries long season of OBEY, but it's more so the ethics that remain post the money turbulence that I really ponder..... not sure quite what to make of that one at current, not sure much of anyone does; but it'd be nice to start getting on with it over continuing on in the shadow of the zombie corp nation state valley of death.

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A quick tip for the current TROMjaro users that got the latest updates. if your left side menu doesn't work properly - like when you right click a favorite app the menu displays in the up left corner and you cannot click any menu options, or if you can't right click the apps icon (bottom left) to then go to the menu (Dash to Dock) settings, do these two commands:

1. Open the terminal.
2. Paste "cd /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ " and hit enter. Now paste this "sudo mv schemas schemas-bak" and hit enter.
3. Restart your desktop by pressing ALT+F2 then write "r" and enter.

Done! Now works. #tromlive

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works now,thanks

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Gutes Studium und unsere Klausuren!

"Online-Überwachung von Studienprüfungen ist möglicherweise rechtswidrig" von @AHimmelrath


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Bist Du schon geimpft oder überlegst Du noch? #Berlin startet am Samstag in #Lichtenberg auf dem Parkplatz von @ikea_deutschland mit Drive- & Walk-In-Impfen für alle Berliner:innen. #BerlingegenCorona #Moderna #johnsonandjohnson @BaLichtenberg 👉


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Am #Wochenende schon was vor? Wir wäre es mit Impfen gegen #Corona? Morgen (16.07.) ohne Anmeldung am #Hermannplatz in #Neukölln möglich! Sei dabei, denn #Impfen ist entscheidend! Weitersagen! #BerlingegenCorona #Moderna #johnsonandjohnson @BerlinNkl 👉


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Was wir als #AStA machen?

Beratungen ohne Ende, Service für uns Studierende an der #tuberlin &&&.

Wer das nicht glauben möchte warte auf eine in bälde veröffentliche, journalistische Reportage.

Und alles trotz 1 "Hack Angriffs".

Kuss an alle AStE3!


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Morgen soll das ital. Parlament die weitere Finanzierung der Zus.arbeit mit #Libyen beschließen.

In Trapani, Burriana & Lampedusa sagen die Crews von #SeaWatch4 #SeaWatch3 #Moonbird & #Seabird:
NEIN, wir verschließen die Augen nicht.

Il 15 luglio il Parlamento voterà il rifinanziamento della cooperazione con la #Libia

Da Trapani, Burriana e Lampedusa gli equipaggi di #SeaWatch4 #SeaWatch3 #Moonbird e #Seabird dicono NO, non fingeremo di non vedere.



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Wir positionieren uns ganz vehement gegen JEDEN #Antisemitismus und fordern alle Studierenden auf, dies ebenfalls zu tun. Antisemitismus – egal wo und egal in welcher Form – darf niemals unwidersprochen bleiben.

Unseren ganzen Text findet ihr hier:…


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How to attach any files to

This is a tutorial about how to attach photos, videos or any files to any Notes using our (see more about the Notes app here

First, keep in mind that the developers behind this app (Standard Notes) are working on making this a lot easier in the near future. But for now you can do it this way (takes just a few minutes). Another thing to understand is that the files you add are also encrypted like all of your notes.

Step 1.

Activate and use the Bold Editor.

After you setup the Notes as explained at , you can activate the Bold Editor and use it for pretty much all of your notes. It is a great and feature-rich editor and the only one that is fully supported by the team behind this app.

2. Setup File Safe.

Click the FileSafe button:

You will see a window asking you to setup an integration. This means to setup an online device that can handle your photos storage. Click to integrate it or use this link . From that link click WebDav. And now go to step 3.

3. Create an account with our

We provide a Nextcloud instance with 3GB of storage for everyone. We recommend you to use that for your files in general, not just for this. Once you create an account there - go to Settings - Security and click "Create new app password". Add a name and then save your credentials (username and password).

Go to your Files - - and create a new folder for your Notes. Say you call it "tromnotes". In the same window, at the left bottom corner there is a Settings button. Click it to get the WebDav address.

4. Integrate with

Now go back to step 2 and in the WebDav configuration add that username and password that you just generated, add the folder name and the server address that you just copied.

And that's it! A unique code will be generated and you have to copy it back to your Notes app in the FileSafe popup window.

This may seem a bit complicated but it is a safe way of storing your files and now you will have 3GB of file storage. So you won't have to worry about attaching photos. And you can even attach videos! And all are previewed in the notes app.

To recap:

You basically have to connect with Make an account (if you don't have one already) at and create a new app password. Create a folder where you want to store the Notes' files and then grab the WebDav URL. Now that you have the credentials for the new App + the WebDav URL, is as simply as clicking the File Safe button in (or on any app that works with it) and click to integrate with WebDav. That's it. No more worries from now on.

This way you can make your notes better by being able to attach any type of file, not only videos and photos. Take advantage of this amazing Notes app as it is trade-free! ;)
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This is how you can add any type of file to making it a great alternative to Evernote. #tromlive

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You ever wondered why Elon Musk has not yet changed the world for the better, like he gave us the impression that he will? It is because he was busy making himself the richest man on Earth. But hey, you know maybe he will do good things with all of that money...right? right!? right...?!?!?

In the meantime you can pretend to be Musk and spend all of his fortune here and even get a receipt for it. Go ahead, see how many houses you can buy, how many cars, or digital collections or yachts. Try to spend it all.

Cheers #tromlive
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This is one crazy thing people don't understand about billionaires - they can't even spend all their money even if they try to. Then you may ask - why are they keep making more money then ? 🤔
I honestly don't know. No one knows, its a sort of craze/madness that keeps them doing it. A craze for making money, if you will.

But the end result is always the same - that money goes to waste, even the ones making the money can't spend all of it 🤦
Future is FOSS mastodon (AP)
This is one crazy thing people don't understand about billionaires - they can't even spend all their money even if they try to. Then you may ask - why do they keep making more money then ? 🤔
I honestly don't know. No one knows, its a sort of craze/madness that keeps them doing it. A craze for making money, if you will.

But the end result is always the same - that money goes to waste, even the ones making the money can't spend all of it 🤦
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Die Bewerbungsphase für Promotionsabschlussstipendien für Doktorand*innen an der TU startet! Bewerbungen sind bis 2.8. möglich.



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"Historic Power Plant Decides Mining Bitcoin Is More Profitable Than Selling Electricity"

This power plant is "experimenting" with mining Bitcoin. For now. In the future it may very well be used entirely for that. These are our current values: whatever makes you more profit, is better. And it is understandable in a trade-based society. It's all about that trade....'bout that trade....

In our world cost-efficient does not mean energy or resource efficient. It simply means cost efficient. So if a power plant is more "efficient" in this "cost" context, to mine Bitcoin because they can make greater profits, then anyone is tempted to go for that.

This insanity is ridiculous. And those who propose that mining cryptocurrencies should rely more and more on renewable energies, are as idiotic as those who may propose that guns should be more eco-friendly. We do not need any: guns or cryptocurrencies.

Are humans ever going to wake up from this deep sleep mode? Are they gonna ask simpler questions like: what do we really do on this planet? Are they ever going to sit down and think about what is this society? Probably not. Everything is traded in this society, and time+attention is one of those assets. If your job doesn't take that away from you, then your phone is.

Jobs+Facebook/Insta/TikTok+Youtube+Ads+Shopping+Netflix+Supermarkets+Spotify+.... there is no way humans can understand the water they live inside, when the water currents are so strong they have to always swim somewhere.

Those who think that cryptocurrencies are different than money, are clueless about what a currency is. #tromlive
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I'm sure you read this article about the rising lake temperatures in lake Seneca due to mining from another local powerplant, disgusting!
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Well...what can I say...utterly retarded.

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Our work on TROM II continues ;):

It is a lot of work so it will take many months to finish it. Cannot say it will be released this year...we will see. We post updates, as usual, on +

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The great Notes application is now officially part of - you should read more about it here to understand how to quickly set it all up. It works online or offline, and on any operating system. It syncs between them all and is auto-backed-up in the cloud and offline. Not to mention it is fully encrypted. Plus, you can use whatever text editor you prefer. If you write books, this is great for you. If you write simple notes, it is perfect. If you want to have to-do lists or tasks, again it meets your needs. Code? Again, you can do that too. Markdown support...Vim name it 😀. Plus, lots of themes and other extensions.

This Notes app normally costs 10 dollars a month ( but we provide all of these features trade-free. So take advantage of that!

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Thomas mastodon (AP)
it seems really interesting. On first look it seems similar to standard notes. I'll have a look
Tio friendica (via ActivityPub)
Heh yes it is a StandardNotes instance with all of the features enabled. It is a Yunohost package! ;)

As said in the post:
This Notes app normally costs 10 dollars a month ( but we provide all of these features trade-free. So take advantage of that!
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