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“Then who is the seer, the experiencer, the entity that says, ‘I understand’?”

As long as there is the experiencer remembering the experience, truth is not. Truth is not something to be remembered, stored up, recorded, and then brought out. What is accumulated is not truth. The desire to experience creates the experiencer, who then accumulates and remembers. Desire makes for the separation of the thinker from his thoughts; the desire to become, to experience, to be more or to be less, makes for division between the experiencer and the experience. Awareness of the ways of desire is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the beginning of meditation.

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hometown (AP)

Questioner: Why do we fight among ourselves?

Krishnamurti: I think the older people also ask this question, don't they? Why do we fight? America is opposed to Russia, China stands against the West. Why? We talk about peace and prepare for war. Why? Because I think the majority of human beings love to compete, to fight, that is the plain fact, otherwise we would stop it. In fighting there is a heightened sense of being alive, that also is a fact. We think struggle in every form is necessary to keep us alive; but, you see, that kind of living is very destructive. There is a way of living without struggle. It is like the lily, like the flower that grows; it does not struggle, it is. The being of anything is the goodness of it. But we are not educated for that at all. We are educated to compete, to fight, to be soldiers, lawyers, policemen, professors, principals, business men, all wanting to ride on top. We all want success. There are many who have the outward pretensions of humility, but only those are happy who are really humble inwardly, and it is they who do not fight.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon: Dieser Linksradikale will Premierminister von Frankreich werden

Britney Spears macht Fehlgeburt öffentlich

Ukraine-News: Selenskyi will ESC in der Heimat ausrichten

Erben im Viereck - Rätsel der Woche

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Autonomie und Solidarität: Anarchistische Kritik an Wissenschaft(en) und staatlichen Narrativen in der #-Pandemie - Weiterlesen: #

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: Was der ESC-Sieg des Kalush Orchestra bedeutet

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Friendica 2022.05 Release Candidate Available

Content warning: We are happy to announce the availability of the release candidate for the upcoming Friendica 2022.05 release, to focus on fixing existing bugs and smoothing out of rough edges.. Since the release in March a regression was fixed that could lead to mention

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i had a cool idea for a silly car magnet, and was going to post it here, but then i thought "ryan, you are okay with being pretty bad at opsec, but are you okay with being 'show everyone a unique way to spot your car' bad at opsec?"

the college students are all moving out in new orleans so spent all day with a friend collecting awesome trash. I think I found like 20 strips of color changing LEDs

as you can see by my smile I FUCKING LOVE TRASH

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That government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.
-- Henry David Thoreau

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Friendica 2021.04 Released

Content warning: With a slight delay, we are happy to announce the availability of the new stable version of the Friendica communications server: Friendica Siberian Iris 2021.04. This is mostly a bug fixing release, stabilizing the new features we introduced over the Red

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Eurovision Song Contest: Ukraine gewinnt den ESC – Deutschlands Malik Harris ist Letzter

Buffalo: Tote nach Schüssen in Supermarkt im US-Bundesstaat New York

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The love of liberty and the sense of human dignity are the basic elements of the anarchist creed.
-- Frederica Montseny

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Yeah I like risk, I buy my jigsaw puzzles in thrift shops.
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USA: Für den Erhalt des Rechts auf Abtreibung demonstrieren Zehntausende

This account is now :blobcat_dead:, long live @tastytea!

Expats in China: »Shanghai ist die größte Haftanstalt der Welt«

Österreich: Bundeskanzler Karl Nehammer zu neuem ÖVP-Parteichef gewählt

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Off to my first TRPG session outside in the park this year!!! Yeah!

Fuck Discord & Roll20!! :-)

Eurovision Song Contest: Die Bilder zur Show

Eishockey-WM: Deutschland siegt gegen Slowakei im zweiten Gruppenspiel

Seenotrettung: 81 Migranten aus Boot vor tunesischer Küste gerettet

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"Hafft du noch mehr Nüffe?" ???

Ein kleines Streifenhörnchen mit vollen, Backen sitzt vor der Kamera und hält seine Vorderpfoten vorm Körper

Dimitrij Rogosin: Russlands Raumfahrtchef ist Putins Provokateur

WHO-Experte Frank Pega: »Eine Dreiviertelmillion Menschen stirbt jährlich an Überarbeitung«

Friedrich Schiller über die Zerstörung Magdeburgs - Schöner schreiben

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hate is so important
ruin hometown (AP)
how so?

Vogue: Pub in England weist Antrag des Modemagazins auf Namensänderung zurück

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Because we feed them mostly trash? I get the end, but I don’t think this is the mean to get there.

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:blobcat_toot:​ The blobcats are imported, the most important part of the migration is completed. ​:blobcat_laughing:

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gotta tell you i'm used to an odd TLD causing problems but this one's new
header: signup for listography. red warning above a text box: "Email must be"
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uh... holy cow
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treating "email is a federated system" as a problem to solve

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Does anyone remember going to underground rock/rave shows at warehouses?

Used to be a thing back in the 90s/00s.
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That’s super rad!
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We also did a mass first aid course in my living room, a local DJ who taught first aid gave us a discount, and I would run a one person safe ride program.

That was a bonkers time, I loved it. I kinda miss it, but EDM and the reformulation of E just ruined the scene, it was tragic.

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Once the individual owns his own tools and his product, capitalism ceases to exist.
-- Emile Armand

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