Saporischschja: Russland und Ukraine werfen sich Beschuss von Atomkraftwerk vor

Affenpockenvirus: Der Impfstoff geht zur Neige - was bedeutet das?

COP27: Warum die nächste Klimakonferenz zum fossilen Gipfel werden könnte

@ordnung mastodon (AP)
There will be a longer downtime (up to 2 hours) this weekend for some database maintenance and migrations.

We will announce the exact time here before we start. #
Daniel Handbohrer mastodon (AP)
oooooh, big move to new server? :3
Leah mastodon (AP)
only the database for now.

Franziska mastodon (AP)
Kann wer von euch Netzwerk? Ich hab hier ein bond aus vier Netzwerkinterfaces (LACP), das mir nun zum zweiten Mal innerhalb von zwei Wochen gestorben ist mit "speed changed to 0" auf allen Links. Nach reboot (ohne Powercycle) gehts wieder.

Wo könnte der Fehler sein? Netzwerkkarte? Switch?
tsia mastodon (AP)
wenn ich sowas lese bin ich ja sehr froh dass das bei meinen schäbigen switches so einfach funktioniert. (Dafür ist 802.1X kaputt)

Wladimir Putin und Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wollen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen ausbauen

9-Euro-Ticket: Grüne schlagen bundesweites 49-Euro-Ticket als Nachfolger vor

Chelsea holt Cucurella für 65 Millionen Euro – Larsson unterschreibt auf Schalke

Kabul Luftbrücke: Wie chartert man ein Flugzeug nach Afghanistan?

Schweiz - neues Pumpspeicherkraftwerk in Finhaut: Der Alpen-Akku

u can just post about being a kitten on twitter and half of queer tech will like ur post
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
hmmm a twitten?

A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
I prefer womunism

I'm fine I'm just completely exhausted and it's making things hard to exist in a daily maner

I'm not even sad or anything, just too tired to feel something else than blankness
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
will you accept a hug?

maloki hometown (AP)
can anyone give me a run down of the difference, pros and cons for SSRI vs SNRI?

I'm sure someone on here will know this.

A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
Thinking out loud for a sec:
In theory I can edit an SSH private key and create a new public key from it using ssh-keygen -y. I know depending on my edit I may decrease entropy, but apart from that what speaks against making part of a private key read what I want?
SunBear mastodon (AP)
Apart from making it objectively less secure, nothing.

But it's like asking "if I don't care to live, is walking a tightrope between skyscrapers *really* that risky?"

The beginning statement more or less nullifies the question by negating the necessary context. If you don't care about life, nothing is risky.

If you don't care about maximizing entropy, everything is totally secure. Just don't worry about it.
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
please relax. I am always thinking about how to make fun parts for a digital scavenger hunt. Sadly the formats seem to be much more specific than I thought and contain very specific places for primes and exponents etc, so it seems to be off the table then anyway

Hamburg: Wohnungsdurchsuchung wegen »Pimmelgate« war unrechtmäßig

people when asbestos can give you chronic lung diseases: ?​?​?​

people when covid can give you chronic lung diseases: ?​?​?​
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
they are ignoring covid asbestos they can
samgai with cat ears mastodon (AP)
Ha ha ha... so funny ?

Kingu Platypus mastodon (AP)
Thank you annoying t-shirt ad, but this is an era I am not missing at all (at least not for the clothing...)

Streit um Amnesty-Bericht: Darf die Ukraine aus Wohngebieten zurückschießen?

A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
This man in the train is unbelievable. Not only does he not wear a mask, he is in a phone call on speaker and it is very loud under my noise cancelling headphones. I'm already in overload my dude. Cutteth he it the fuck out.
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
can I flag him for sensory assault so the train mods ban him?

trashHeap mastodon (AP)

Content warning: covid, rebound, me

maloki hometown (AP)

Content warning: IBS, shit post

maloki hometown (AP)

Content warning: IBS, shit post

A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)

Content warning: IBS, shit post

scmbradley mastodon (AP)
Bit of a weird question. Has anyone compiled a list of the requirements different websites have for passwords? It's for a thing.

Boosts appreciated!
trashHeap mastodon (AP)
I would settle for a public list of shame for anyone who has a maximum character limit in the single digits.
MarkusL ?? ?? mastodon (AP)
An IBM mainframe I use at work allows a maximum of eight digits, and they must all be alphanumeric. No fancy accented characters, either: Ebcdic was good enough for Granddad and it's good enough for you.

A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
My whole day has been one giant interruption consisting of smaller interruptions. Can I _please_ finally finally start working on the thing I came to work for 5 hours ago?
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
I finished the thing! With the code!
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)

Content warning: food

Angle mastodon (AP)
Had a doctors appointment today. I live in Colorado, but they still want to give me a test for marijuana. Huge of a waste of everyone's time and money, IMO. :/
Signaleleven mastodon (AP)
test to check if you consume Marijuana?
Couldn't they just ask you?
Angle mastodon (AP)
This is a federal requirement, supposedly, and the stuff is illegal at the federal level. So, it makes sense they wouldn't want to just take my word for it. Still don't think it should be their business at all though. -_-

Tötung von Al-Qaida-Anführer: Experte hält Drohnenschlag für völkerrechtswidrig

Shark Blackle mastodon (AP)
I bought a utah teapot and I guess I didn't pay attention to the volume because it's so small ?
tiny utah teapot in real life
A:\>lin.a :blnk: mastodon (AP)
press S to scale it

Berlin-Grunewald: Wie die Anwohner den Brand erleben

Wetter – Trockenheit: Können uns Wasserrationierungen auch treffen?

Schweizer Frauenfußball-Chefin Tatjana Haenni macht Hassbrief öffentlich

Dan Fixes Coin-Ops mastodon (AP)
Good god, you looked at the front page of youtube on a fresh browser lately? It's bad. Really, really bad.
youtube front page showing shocked faces, Elon musk talking about aliens and UFC, how mcdonalds fries are made, mike tyson hitting people, expensive fails, a guy who gave his 100 millionth subscriber a private island, and some relaxing soundscapes to help you recover from all that godawful shit
Dan Fixes Coin-Ops mastodon (AP)
I don't think there's any people working at google to find good videos on youtube to put on the front page, I think a computer's just guessing at what videos are good. But a computer doesn't even know what a video IS, never mind whether it's good.

Like, if a person who knows you really well recommends something, it'll probably be good. A person you've chatted with for a couple hours without exchanging names might maybe have a good recommendation. Computers always recommend pure steaming manure.
Dan Fixes Coin-Ops mastodon (AP)
Computer: this video got lots of watches, that must mean it's brilliant and people love watching it, I'll put it on the front page! I love giving people things that make them happy!

People: overwhelmingly click on things they hate

Rebecca mastodon (AP)
pleeease let go of the delusion that court cases determine truth. this is second only to the delusion that laws define morality in the harm it does

News des Tages: Atomkraft, Krieg in der Ukraine, Fall Schlesinger

Gazastreifen: Israel tötet Befehlshaber des Islamischen Dschihad

Anton Graf Schwerin von Krosigk: Onkel von Beatrix von Storch ist offenbar tot

Lisa-Maria Kellermayr: Tod von österreichischer Impfärztin – Razzia bei Mann in Bayern

9-Euro-Ticket sorgt für deutlich mehr Fahrgäste im Bahn-Nahverkehr

Jürgen Klopp vergleicht Spielplan des FC Liverpool mit Klimakrise

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